Should you organize your booklist?

For anyone who loves reading books, the books we’ve read over our lifetime can build up to quite a collection. This “collection” often isn’t just the books on our favourite bookshelf. It is rather a more ethereal concept…

This collection is really just a list though. A list with a personally-chosen volume of personal context associated with it. (E.g. did we like the book; did we finish it; would we recommend it?) Lists can be recorded many ways - paper, mental, spreadsheets… you get the idea. Yet, these lists can have their limitations. Who wants to receive an emailed spreadsheet every time one of your friends finishes reading another book!?

Why a specialized booklist-keeping tool? Beyond the ubiquitous features nowadays: easily searchable, accessible across devices, shareable with friends.

Then there is a historical record integrated into a comprehensive database of books. This comes with perks:

  1. Aid to a poor memory - did I read that book? Did I like it? Did I finish it?
  2. Filter on your “5 star” books to give ideas to recommend to others

The icing on the cake is building a mouth-watering collection of what to read next

  1. Capture book recommendations from others
  2. If you invest ~4h in every book you read, it makes sense
  3. Decide what to read next based on all the possibilities you’ve gathered
  4. Fan-community of book reviews from other passionate readers

Where? Goodreads is my personal favourite. It is growing, the community is flourishing, and their library of books is pretty comprehensive. (Even if you did struggle to find books you’ve read, it is pretty easy to sign up as a librarian and add them.)

Bonus features

    Connect with your book-loving friends. There are tools allowing you to recommend books and also compare tastes - how many books in common; do you give similar ratings to books you’ve both read?
    Use the barcode app to scan physical books into your account, whether it is all the books off your bookshelf, or a book you found lying around at work and wanted to queue for later exploration.

Looking forward to seeing you there, fellow bookworms!



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